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An Early Skeptic of the Piltdown Hoax

A letter published in Nature on November 13, 1913, shows that a strong strand of skepticism ran parallel with the widespread credulity in the fraudulent fossil that had been supposedly... -- Read more on

The Art and Science of Snow

This excellent video from USC Dornsife is a fun collaboration between the arts and the sciences. [More] -- Read more on

The `ghosts' of extinct birds in modern ecosystems

vendredi 13 décembre 2013 — Evolution
Three moa species (Pachyornis elephantopus, Dinornis giganteus and Anomalopteryx didiformis) with the divaricating plant Myrsine divaricata in the background. Did browsing pressure from moa result in... -- Read more on

La sélection scientifique de la semaine (numéro 100)

Dans une tribune publiée par le Guardian, le biologiste américain et Prix Nobel 2013 de médecine Randy Schekman dénonce ce qu'il appelle la "tyrannie" des grandes revues scientifiques qui, selon lui, créent une pression sur les jeunes chercheurs et … Continuer la lecture (...)

Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had Bizarre Rooster's Comb, Mummy Find Reveals

jeudi 12 décembre 2013 — Evolution
Artist's reconstruction of duck-billed dinosaur Edmontosaurus regalis with a cocks comb. Image: Artwork by Julius Csotonyi. Copyright Bell, Fanti, Currie, Arbour. Current Biology 2013. Thanks... -- Read more on

Monitor Lizards Found to Breathe Unidirectionally Like Birds

A lizard captures oxygen from air both when inhaling and exhaling--a feat normally associated with birds. Many scientists believe birds developed the adaptation to cope with the enormous requirements... -- Read more on

Lawsuit to Remove Plant from Endangered Species List Completely Backfires

Oh what a difference a few years makes. Just four years ago, the rare California shrub known as the Indian Knob mountain balm ( Eriodictyon altissimum ) was poised to drop off the endangered species... -- Read more on

Banana Fungus Creeps Closer to World's Key Plantations

A variant of a fungus that rots and kills the main variety of export banana has been found in plantations in Mozambique and Jordan, raising fears that it could spread to major producers and decimate... -- Read more on

Owl Silent Swoop Depends On Down

Owls are nearly noiseless hunters, swooping down on prey without any warning whoosh. How do they do it? [More] -- Read more on

As Lionfish Invade the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, Conservationists Say Eat Up [Slide Show]

Conservationists wrestling with the problem of invasive lionfish have suggested that recreationally and commercially harvesting the predatory species for food could put a big dent in its numbers.... -- Read more on

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