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L'abeille dans un monde virtuel

mercredi 18 octobre 2017 — Vie et Terre
Pour s'orienter et reconnaitre les fleurs exploitées dans la nature, les abeilles apprennent et mémorisent les couleurs, les formes et la position des objets d'intérêt. L'équipe de Martin Giurfa au...

Solving a Higgs optimization problem with quantum annealing for machine learning

mercredi 18 octobre 2017 par Alex Mott, Joshua Job, Jean-Roch Vlimant, Daniel Lidar, Maria Spiropulu
The discovery of Higgs-boson decays in a background of standard-model processes was assisted by machine learning methods. The classifiers used to separate signals such as these from background are trained using highly unerring but not completely perfect simulations of the physical processes (...)

The future of work

mercredi 18 octobre 2017
Digital technologies are upending the workforce. The right research can tell us how.

Lessons from history for the future of work

mercredi 18 octobre 2017 par Robert C. Allen
Global comparisons of previous social and economic upheavals suggest that what is to come depends on where you are now, argues Robert C. Allen.

New definitions of scientific units are on the horizon

mercredi 18 octobre 2017 par Elizabeth Gibney
Metrologists are poised to change how scientists measure the Universe.

Science must examine the future of work

mercredi 18 octobre 2017
As automation changes employment, researchers should gather the evidence to help map the implications.

Blue is in the eye of the bee-holder

mercredi 18 octobre 2017
Flowers have evolved an ingenious way to attract pollinators.

Epic star collision, asteroid fly-by and journal resignations

mercredi 18 octobre 2017
The week in science: 13–19 October 2017.

Social behaviour shapes hypothalamic neural ensemble representations of conspecific sex

mercredi 18 octobre 2017 par Ryan Remedios, Ann Kennedy, Moriel Zelikowsky, Benjamin F. Grewe, Mark J. Schnitzer, David J. Anderson
All animals possess a repertoire of innate (or instinctive) behaviours, which can be performed without training. Whether such behaviours are mediated by anatomically distinct and/or genetically specified neural pathways remains unknown. Here we report that neural representations within the (...)

A parts-per-billion measurement of the antiproton magnetic moment

mercredi 18 octobre 2017 par C. Smorra, S. Sellner, M. J. Borchert, J. A. Harrington, T. Higuchi, H. Nagahama, T. Tanaka, A. Mooser, G. Schneider, M. Bohman, K. Blaum, Y. Matsuda, C. Ospelkaus, W. Quint, J. Walz, Y. Yamazaki, S. Ulmer
Precise comparisons of the fundamental properties of matter–antimatter conjugates provide sensitive tests of charge–parity–time (CPT) invariance, which is an important symmetry that rests on basic assumptions of the standard model of particle physics. Experiments on mesons, leptons and baryons (...)

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