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L’institutrice qui savait écrire… mais plus lire

jeudi 9 janvier 2014 par Pierre Barthélémy — Cerveau, Accident vasculaire cérébral, Agraphie, Alexie, Lecture, Neurologie
Dans un de ses cours consacrés aux mécanismes cérébraux impliqués dans la lecture, Stanislas Dehaene, professeur au Collège de France, citait cet extrait de Feu pâle, de Vladimir Nabokov : "Nous sommes absurdement accoutumés au miracle de quelques signes écrits capables de contenir … Continuer la lecture (...)

Shocking Study Finds Lions are Nearly Extinct in West Africa

Physically and emotionally demanding. That’s how Philipp Henschel, Lion Program Survey Coordinator for the big-cat conservation organization Panthera , describes the six years he and other... -- Read more on

Slowly Evolving Elephant Shark Offers Clues about Why Some Fishes Have No Bones

mercredi 8 janvier 2014 — Biology, Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
The elephant shark is a relic of a bygone age. Like the coelacanth , it is sometimes referred to as a “living fossil,” a creature alive today that has changed little since it first... -- Read more on

Island Lizards Are Tamer Than Mainland Counterparts

The finding could be due to lower predator numbers on islands -- Read more on

Island Lizards Are Tamer Than Mainland Counterparts

When Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands, he noted that many of its animal inhabitants were so unafraid of people that “a gun is here almost superfluous”. He swatted birds with... -- Read more on

Catch the Wave: Decoding the Prairie Dog's Contagious Jump-Yip

mercredi 8 janvier 2014 — Evolution,More Science
A black-tailed prairie dog jump-yipping. Credit: Darlene Stack Prairie dogs have the most sophisticated vocal language ever decoded. Even better than chimps, dolphins and orcas. This could change... -- Read more on

"Highly Mobile" Testicles Frustrate Effort to Calm Hippos in Captivity

mardi 7 janvier 2014 — More Science, Biology, Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
Vets for zoos may seek to castrate hippos to tamp down the animals' aggression, but special techniques are needed to locate the organs -- Read more on

"Highly Mobile" Testicles Frustrate Effort to Calm Hippos in Captivity

The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation , an online publication covering the latest research. [More] -- Read more on

New Population of Critically Endangered Rabbits Found in (of All Places) a Nature Reserve

With a wild population estimated at fewer than 400 individuals, South Africa’s riverine rabbit ( Bunolagus monticularis ) is just a hare’s breath away from extinction. Most of the... -- Read more on

Ancient Times Table Hidden in Chinese Bamboo Strips

The 2,300-year-old matrix is the world's oldest decimal multiplication table -- Read more on

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