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This Tiny Animal Can Live an Estimated 1,400 Years

dimanche 9 février 2014 — Advances, Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Evolutionary Biology

U.K. "Absolutely Committed" to Reducing Use of Animals in Research

The government is standing by an earlier pledge but shied away from a hard target -- Read more on

Scientific Panel Faults U.S. Plan to Lift Nationwide Wolf Protections


Salmon Use Magnetic Field–Based Internal Maps to Find Their Way

vendredi 7 février 2014 — Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
Even salmon raised in captivity have an innate sense of how to reach their oceanic foraging grounds -- Read more on

Making Winter Sports Olympic Champions out of Australian “Beach Babes” [Excerpt]

vendredi 7 février 2014 — Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
In The Sports Gene David Epstein explores what separates elite athletes from the rest of us -- Read more on

Is Radioactive Hydrogen in Drinking Water a Cancer Threat?

The EPA plans to reevaluate standards for tritium in water -- Read more on

La sélection scientifique de la semaine (numéro 108)

La peste noire a laissé son empreinte dans le génome des Européens. (en anglais) - Tout comme il y a des prédispositions génétiques à développer un cancer (du sein par exemple), y a-t-il des prédispositions génétiques qui rendent résistant … Continuer la lecture (...)

Charlemagne's Bones Displayed at German Cathedral Are Likely Authentic

jeudi 6 février 2014 — Evolution, Archaeology & Paleontology
Research in the past 26 years, although not definitive, points to a match with the "Father of Europe" -- Read more on

Is the Quintuple Jump in Figure Skating Physically Possible?

jeudi 6 février 2014 — Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
Some scientists think that the human body is incapable of surpassing the quadruple jump, currently considered the most challenging figure-skating move -- Read more on

Indian Ocean's Oldest Shipwreck Set for Excavation

jeudi 6 février 2014 — Evolution, Archaeology & Paleontology
The 2,000-year-old wreck, off the coast of Sri Lanka, may hold clues about trade between Roman and Asian societies -- Read more on

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