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Sunday Species Snapshot: Fijian Monkey-Faced Bat

dimanche 8 décembre 2013 — Energy & Sustainability,More Science,Evolution
This rare bat is only known from a handful of collected animals on a single mountain on a single Polynesian island. Species name: Fijian monkey-faced bat ( Mirimiri acrodonta ), the only member of... -- Read more on

Right now, there's a giant blue chicken in Trafalgar Square

dimanche 8 décembre 2013 — Evolution
I really like chickens. They are fascinating, beautiful, unbelievably diverse, complicated birds. I’m academically interested in them. Oh, and we should probably stop eating them. While in... -- Read more on

Stream of Thought Description of Teaching James's "Stream of Thought": A Work of Faction

Over the past few years, I’ve taught a humanities class for college freshmen, and among the required readings is the “ Stream of Thought ” section of William James’s classic... -- Read more on

Wonderful Things: The Pugnacious, Alien-esque Skeleton Shrimp

samedi 7 décembre 2013 — Evolution
The female and male of Liropus minusculus, a new species of skeleton shrimp discovered off California. The female symbol seems to have mysteriously been repulsed by the male symbol in this image.... -- Read more on

How Long Have Humans Dominated the Planet?

Want to know when the Anthropocene started exactly? It will only cost an entirely revamped scientific effort in archaeology, ecology and paleontology, among other disciplines, at an unprecedented... -- Read more on

Book Review: Shaping Humanity

Shaping Humanity: How Science, Art, and Imagination Help Us Understand Our Origins [More] -- Read more on

La sélection scientifique de la semaine (numéro 99)

Astronomie : les modèles expliquant la naissance de la Lune sont confrontés à de nombreux problèmes. L'article original, en anglais, est ici pour ceux qui veulent approfondir le sujet. - Apparemment, il ne reste plus de la comète ISON qu'un nuage de … Continuer la lecture (...)

Can You Guess Which Country Has the Most Endangered Species?

We’re number two! The United States is home to 1,278 species at risk of extinction — the second-highest count worldwide — according to the latest update of the International Union... -- Read more on

Honeybees Can Recognize Individual Human Faces

The ability to tell individual faces apart was long thought to be exclusive to large-brained mammals. But in recent years a number of studies have shown that, in fact, some wasps can facially... -- Read more on

Earliest Human DNA Shows Unforeseen Mixing with Mystery Population

Another ancient genome, another mystery. DNA gleaned from a 400,000-year-old femur from Spain has revealed an unexpected link between Europe’s hominin inhabitants of the time and a cryptic... -- Read more on

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