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From My Archives: Quark Inventor Murray Gell-Mann Doubts Science Will Discover "Something Else"

mardi 17 décembre 2013 — Evolution,Mind & Brain,More Science
To commemorate the 50 th anniversary of Murray Gell-Mann’s first paper on quarks, Gell-Mann biographer George Johnson has written several terrific posts about one of the truly great... -- Read more on

Good News for One of the World's Rarest Monkeys

You know that a species is in rough shape when a population increase of just 20 animals is cause for celebration. But that’s the case in northern Vietnam this month, where one of the few... -- Read more on

A new living species of large mammal: hello, Tapirus kabomani!

mardi 17 décembre 2013 — Evolution
Illustration of Tapirus kabomani by G. Braga, from Cozzuol et al. (2013). For some considerable time now, there have been rumours of an incredible zoological discovery: a new species of living... -- Read more on

Neandertal Grave Attests to Complex Cognition

mardi 17 décembre 2013 — Evolution
Neandertal burial pit at La Chapelle-aux Saints in France. Image: Courtesy of C?dric Beauval Some 60,000 years ago, in a small limestone cave in central France, Neandertals dug a grave and laid... -- Read more on

Shark Cull Plan Draws Ire

Western Australia’s plan to start culling sharks in a “more aggressive” attempt to prevent attacks on humans could severely damage populations of threatened great whites, experts... -- Read more on

Clues Sought for Sea Star Die-Off

In their waterproof orange overalls, Hannah Perlkin and Emily Tucker look like commercial fishermen or storm-ready sailors. But they are biologists on their way to tide pools along a remote stretch... -- Read more on

The Sexy Scents of Tropical Flora: Vanilla, Pineapple and Guava Oh My!

Photo by Jason Metcalfe Part four of my ‘Adventures in Biology’ series from my epic travels to French Polynesia is now live. In this episode, we investigate why the island of Moorea... -- Read more on

Leafy Green `Solar-Powered' Sea Slugs Begin to Reveal Their True Colors

lundi 16 décembre 2013 — Evolution,More Science
The emerald sea slug, Elysia chlorotica (Credit: EOL Learning and Education Group, via Flickr) Nature is full of thieves. Instead of laboriously collecting pollen and nectar from flowers, robber... -- Read more on

Were azhdarchid pterosaurs really terrestrial stalkers? The evidence says yes, yes they (probably) were

lundi 16 décembre 2013 — Evolution
Life as a tyrannosaurid hatchling might well have been dangerous: GIANT TERRESTRIAL STALKING KAIJU AZHDARCHID OF DOOM!!!!1! Image by Mark Witton. Regular Tet Zoo readers will be familiar with... -- Read more on

How Many Partridges Are Really in That Pear Tree?

There's a partridge in a pear tree, two turtledoves, three French hens, four calling birds, six geese, and seven swans. Or so go the lyrics to the 12 days of Christmas. But on December 14, the... -- Read more on

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