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La sélection scientifique de la semaine (numéro 99)

Astronomie : les modèles expliquant la naissance de la Lune sont confrontés à de nombreux problèmes. L'article original, en anglais, est ici pour ceux qui veulent approfondir le sujet. - Apparemment, il ne reste plus de la comète ISON qu'un nuage de … Continuer la lecture (...)

Can You Guess Which Country Has the Most Endangered Species?

We’re number two! The United States is home to 1,278 species at risk of extinction — the second-highest count worldwide — according to the latest update of the International Union... -- Read more on

Honeybees Can Recognize Individual Human Faces

The ability to tell individual faces apart was long thought to be exclusive to large-brained mammals. But in recent years a number of studies have shown that, in fact, some wasps can facially... -- Read more on

Earliest Human DNA Shows Unforeseen Mixing with Mystery Population

Another ancient genome, another mystery. DNA gleaned from a 400,000-year-old femur from Spain has revealed an unexpected link between Europe’s hominin inhabitants of the time and a cryptic... -- Read more on

The Cryptozoologicon (Volume I): here, at last

mercredi 4 décembre 2013 — Evolution
Conway, Kosemen & Naish (2013), front cover. My newest book – Cryptozoologicon Volume I , co-authored with John Conway and C. M. “Memo” Kosemen – is now available ... -- Read more on

Des toilettes publiques de… 235 millions d’années

mercredi 4 décembre 2013 par Pierre Barthélémy — Paléontologie, Coprolithes, Dicynodontes, Dinodotonsaurus, Latrines communes, Reptiles mammaliens
Il y a dans la paléontologie un peu de l'excitation des enfants le matin de Noël, qui se demandent quelles merveilles ils vont bien découvrir sous le sapin. On a les trouvailles attendues mais aussi des surprises. C'est ce qui … Continuer la lecture (...)

Best of the Blogs for October: A Bacon Fueled Brain

Check out the latest ‘Best-of-the-blogs’ video from the Scientific American Blog network! We’re talking a fat-fueled brain, the benefits of watching scary television, and the... -- Read more on

Tiny Ohio Catfish Species, Last Seen in 1957, Declared Extinct

Here’s the thing about extinctions: They are very rarely witnessed. The last members of a species in the wild tend to go quietly into the night with no one to witness their deaths. All too... -- Read more on

Why Life Does Not Really Exist

lundi 2 décembre 2013 — Evolution,Mind & Brain,More Science
A native bee in my backyard (Credit: Ferris Jabr) I have been fascinated with living things since childhood. Growing up in northern California, I spent a lot of time playing outdoors among plants... -- Read more on

Octopus Suckers Have Groovy Secret for Strength

dimanche 1er décembre 2013 — Evolution,Technology,More Science
Image courtesy of WikimediaCommons/steve_lodefink Octopus suckers are extraordinary. They can move and grasp objects independently. They can “taste” the water around them. They can even... -- Read more on

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