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mercredi 4 juin 2014 par Pierre Barthélémy — Cerveau, Linguistique, Apprentissage du langage, Cognition, Nuit des sciences
Vendredi 6 juin, l'Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) organise à partir de 17 heures sa Nuit des sciences. Intitulée "Ebullitions", elle se tiendra dans les locaux parisiens de l'ENS (45, rue d'Ulm, dans le 5e arrondissement) jusqu'à 3 heures du matin … Continuer la lecture (...)

Big-Eared Bat, Once Feared Extinct, Rediscovered after 120 Years

Sometimes research into one question reveals the answer to another. In July 2012 Catherine Hughes and Julie Broken-Brow, students at the University of Queensland in Australia, were in Papua New... -- Read more on

Whales Saved by Ship Speed Limits

The federal government has been sued to expand right whale conservation efforts in the North Atlantic -- Read more on

A Short Safari In A Small Oak Tree

mardi 3 juin 2014 — More Science, Biology, Science Education, Evolution
Imagine a safari in your neighborhood. Instead of a few days hauling luggage through international airports, though, picture a leisurely five minute stroll from the front door. -- Read more on

Uncivil War Breaks Out Over Fluke as Habitat Shifts North

One of the most popular eating fish on the U.S. east coast is moving north as waters warm due to climate change -- Read more on

Ostrich dinosaurs invade Europe! Or do they?

Regular readers of Tet Zoo might know that I've published extensively on the theropod dinosaurs of a famous and much-studied Lower Cretaceous rock unit known as the Wealden Supergroup. -- Read more on

Great White Shark's Migration Tracked around Florida


Bees Build Mental Maps to Get Home

The insects rely on more than the sun as a compass -- Read more on

Forget T. Rex: Long-Necked Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet

The long-necked dinosaurs known as sauropods, once seen as icons of extinction, thrived for millions of years around the world -- Read more on

Evolution Sparks Silence of the Crickets

lundi 2 juin 2014 — Biology, Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
Males on two Hawaiian islands simultaneously went mute in just a few years to avoid a parasite -- Read more on

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